Graphene-enhanced G1 Wonder mask - hands on review

India-based Nanomatrix Materials (NM Materials) produces graphene-oxide materials and derivatives (such as r-GO) at its 20Kg/month GO plant, and the company recently launched its own brand of graphene-enhanced face mask, the G1 Wonder mask.

A few weeks ago, NM Materials sent us a couple of masks for a review here at Graphene-Info, and this short review will summarize our findings.

So first of all, this mask uses a filter which combines graphene and silver nanoparticles. The company says that this unique combination is highly efficient at killing bacteria, microbes and viruses. The graphene edges act as "sharp atomic-thin blades" that destroy the virus or bacteria, while the silver nanoparticles "release Ag+ ions, which strongly bind to thiol groups (SH) of enzymes and proteins on the cellular surface, thus causing destabilization of membrane and cellular wall with consequent breaking down of the ATP synthesis route".

Nanomatrix G1 Wonder Mask structure

NM Materials says that tests (as per the ISO 18184 protocol) show that the membrane showed > 99% reduction of microbes. The test were done at several labs, including SITRA, Bureau Veritas, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, ITS Laboratories, and more. NM says the mask has 99% 'Bacterial Filtration Efficiency', or BFE.

The mask itself is relatively thick and bulky. That has advantages and disadvantages. I enjoyed the fact that it keeps my face rather warm, but on summer days this could be bothersome - even though the mask is highly breathable so I'm not sure how it will behave in summer time. How it looks on the face is a matter of taste - our kids didn't like how it looks, but I think it is rather nice looking.

NM Materials G1 Wonder Mask photo

The G1 Wonder mask comes in several sizes - so it is important to get the right one. The XL one was a bit too large for me, I felt more comfortable wearing the Large-sized one. The mask is re-usable and washable (for up to 30 washes), which is great. It also has a neck-band which I like as it allowed me to easily put it away while driving for example - but some people do not like the band, so that's something to consider.

The mask is now available, from India, at ₹299 (or around $4) per mask - with discounts for volume orders.

Posted: Jan 23,2021 by Ron Mertens