Bio Graphene Solutions (BGS)

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Bio Graphene Solutions (BGS) company logo imageBio Graphene Solutions (BGS) is a Canada-based manufacturer and supplier of graphene from non-graphite based, organic renewable resources.

BGS has a proprietary approach in providing a nanotechnology solution (green graphene) with a focus on improving the environmental impact in the concrete and asphalt markets. As a performance additive, BGS says its biographene product provides measurable performance results across the multiple applications that it supports.

The BGS graphene production technology is reportedly easily scalable, ensuring a consistent and high-quality graphene product while being able to support large markets that require commodity volumes.


BGS' eco-friendly process relies on producing biochar (from wood waste) to manufacture graphene for use across multiple applications within concrete and asphalt - large addressable target markets where biographene is used as an additive to greatly improve strength, durability, and elasticity while considerably lowering manufacturing/logistics costs.

More specifically, adding the BGS graphene can reduce the amount of cement required in concrete, and in return, significantly reduce the carbon emission footprint of the concrete material used.

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25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1711
Toronto ON M5C 3A1