Cambridge Raman Imaging (CRIL)

Cambridge Raman Imaging logo imageCambridge Raman Imaging Limited (CRIL) was registered in the UK in 2018. Its focus is on bringing to market high speed, label-free Raman imaging instruments. The first application uses graphene in medical imaging, aiming to deliver better patient outcomes through faster and more accurate tumor diagnosis and treatment.

The company is supported by co-founder Frontier IP Group Plc. a company dedicated to the commercialization of new technology. Frontier IP provides ‘hands-on’ leadership to support CRIL as well as developing the business strategy and raising funding. Together the founders have built a team of dedicated scientists forming an extensive knowledge base in the field of ultra-fast lasers, Coherent Raman Spectroscopy and imaging.

CRIL is forming a subsidiary in Italy and raising funding to cover the cost of building a working prototype CRS microscope for medical imaging. By April 2020 the company aims to have a laboratory based proof of concept and a pilot facility capable of assembling CRS microscopes in small quantities for validation trials.

CRIL brings together ultra-fast fiber based lasers and Coherent Raman spectroscopy to make high-speed truly label free imaging possible, scanning tumors in seconds to differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue. CRIL specializes in creating intrinsically linked pulsed lasers using graphene in the optical cavity to enable imaging at speeds not previously possible. These tunable lasers allow interrogation of the chemical species present to give accurate diagnosis of tumor and its development stage.

Company Address

Wellington House, East Road
United Kingdom