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CamGraPh logo imageCamGraphIC was spun out of Cambridge University to commercialize graphene photonic circuits technology for telecoms and datacoms. The company is supported by co-founder Frontier IP Group Plc.

CamGraPhIC’s core product is a graphene photonic chip for data conversion that, with small variations dependent on applications, will constitute a single platform for datacom and telecom industries. Graphene modulators and photodetectors will be integrated into silicon chips, exploiting the unique performance demonstrated so far operating across multiple telecommunication bands (1280 – 1310nm, 1525 – 1565nm and 1565 – 1610nm).

CamGraPhIC is working with partners to fabricate Proof of Concept sample devices. The company is raising equity funding to construct a mini-fab in Europe. Leading European network equipment providers are already engaged as collaborators to test and evaluate fabricated devices in advance of using the mini-fab to produce viable components for evaluation in commercial quantities. The company expects to subsequently seek substantial funding for a full scale fabrication facility within Europe, whilst licensing the technology for use in Asia and the US.

Co-founder Frontier IP Group Plc. is dedicated to the commercialization of new technology. Frontier IP provides ‘hands-on’ leadership to support CamGraPhIC as well as leadership in developing the business strategy and raising funding.

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Wellington House, East Road
United Kingdom