CealTech progresses to the next level with new large PE-CVD graphene production facility

Norway-based CealTech was established in 2012 to commercialize a patented 3D graphene production method. The company has now signed a contact to a new larger facility (located at Forus in Stavanger, Norway) as the company is entering the 2nd phase of its growth strategy.

CealTech Facility at Fours in Stavanger photo

CealTech will establish its own laboratories in the new facility in early 2017, as it aims to begin graphene production in March 2017, using the first FORZA graphene production unit and automated graphene packing line. CealTech aims to become the world's largest producer of pure PE-CVD graphene following the commission of the new production unit.

In addition to graphene production, CealTech will setup a large-scale graphene-enhanced battery electrode production line by late 2017. Yearly production capacity of CealTech's graphene based electrode technology will be 20 million square meters. More information on the battery project will be released in early 2017.

This was a sponsored post by CealTech

Posted: Dec 12,2016 by Ron Mertens