The ChemQuest Technology Institute enters agreement with Universal Matter

The ChemQuest Technology Institute recently entered a three-year collaborative agreement with Universal Matter, to push forward its graphene technology based on sustainable feedstocks.

ChemQuest will explore the benefits of the technology in applications for paints and coatings and identify the most valuable markets and opportunities for growth.

Universal Matter produces its graphene using Rice University's Flash Process that involves rapid, flash-fired bursts of electrical energy. The process enables the bonding of carbon into few layers of turbostratic graphene, as opposed to AB-stacked (Bernal) graphene, reportedly resulting in exceptional performance benefits in the target applications. The flash process is modularized into compact manufacturing units and can be scaled by adding more modules of identical configuration. Many different carbon-based feedstocks can be transformed into high purity turbostratic graphene using this flash process.


Earlier collaboration between Universal Matter and ChemQuest demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology in formulations for specific applications. Proven performance improvements included compressive strength, tensile strength, barrier properties, rheological enhancement and flow characteristics.


Expanding on the past work and collaboration between the two companies, the current initiative will focus on developing knowledge for a broader range of applications in paints and coatings.

The ChemQuest Group is a global consulting firm focused on tailored business strategy and optimization, technology acceleration and market intelligence. The company’s Technology Institute encompasses a team of application experts and advanced lab facilities in South Boston, Va. (USA).

As part of ChemQuest’s Technology Development pillar, ChemQuest Technology Institute is focused on providing advanced formulation guidance, technology acceleration, raw material validation and performance testing equipment. These services are utilized by suppliers, manufacturers and users of formulated materials, such as coatings, adhesives, sealants and polymers.

Posted: Aug 15,2022 by Roni Peleg