China to launch 15" graphene based transparent conducting films for mobile phone touch panels

China's Chongqing Morsh Technology is building a production line in Chongqing that will be used to produce 15" single-layer graphene films. They hope to start production by March 2014, and they already signed an agreement with Guangdong Zhengyang, an OGS maker to produce 10 million graphene based transparent conducting films (TCFs) in a year for the next five years. These films will be used to produce touch panels for mobile devices.

Chongqing Morsh was established by the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology. The company is buying graphene from Ningbo Morsh Technology.

Ningbo Morsh Technology was established by Shanghai Nanjiang in 2012 to produce graphene materials. They use technology developed at the Chongqing Institute which was licensed to Shanghai Nanjiang. Ningbo Morsh Technology's production line will begin production in August 2013, and will have an annual capacity of 300 tons. Reports say the investment in that line exceeded 100 million yuan ($16 million).

Posted: Jul 18,2013 by Ron Mertens