China's Ningo government launch a local long-term graphene plan

Ningbo Morsh Technology logo The Ningbo government in China decided to help build the local graphene industry as part of its strategic industry plans. The government will launch several graphene projects as part of its "medium and long-term plan for the technological innovation and industrial development of the graphene industry (2014 2023) in Ningbo" plan.

Ningo government will help support three stages of the graphene market - raw materials, graphene composite materials and equipment and final products.

In addition, it is reported that Ningbo Morsh Technology recently launched several new new graphene products such as graphene powder for batteries/supercapacitors, graphene coatings/inks, graphene plastics and graphene heat-radiating coating. Ningbo Morsh recently established the world's largest graphene plant with an annual capacity of 300 tons. Ningbo currently prices their graphene at 1000 Yuan/kg ($160).

Ningbo is supplying graphene to Chongqing Morsh Technology, which uses the material to produce transparent graphene films for display touch layers. They expect to produce 300,000 films in 2014.

Posted: Jun 06,2014 by Ron Mertens