Cientifica's partner licenses a CVD graphene process patent for energy storage applications

Last month Cientifica signed an exclusivity agreement with London Graphene to develop technology using graphene for energy storage. Today Cientifica announced that London Graphene signed an option agreement with ISIS Innovation (the technology transfer office for the University of Oxford) to license a patent filed by Isis Innovation.

This patent application details a 2D nanomaterial CVD-based production process that can be used to make high quality graphene on copper foil. This patent will be used in the company's energy storage project, and in fact the option is exclusive to the fields of capacitors and batteries.


Cientifica was established in October 2013 in the UK, and the company aims to acquire and build businesses that make use of graphene materials. Cientifica started trading on October 2012 in the UK's AIM stock exchange We interviewed Cientifica's CEO last month. The agreement with London Graphene is Cientifica's first agreement since the IPO.

Posted: Feb 11,2014 by Ron Mertens