Cientifica signs an agreement with London Graphene to co-develop graphene for energy storage

Update: Cientifica failed to raise the money it required to stay in business, and the company is no longer in operation, and the deal with London Graphene never materialized.

Cientifica logoCientifica announced that it has signed an exclusivity agreement with London Graphene Ltd to develop technology using graphene for energy storage. The two companies will produce a joint business plan for the development of the technology, to raise further funds to facilitate the plan and negotiate terms to work together in the future.

This represents Cientifica's first public deal. They say that the agreement (which runs until April 30, 2014, apparently it just covers the business plan part) may possibly lead to Cientifica acquiring or merging with London Graphene. This is actually the first time I hear of London Graphene, and I couldn't find any real information on this company yet.

Cientifica was established in October 2013 in the UK, and the company aims to acquire and build businesses that make use of graphene materials. Cientifica started trading on October 2012 in the UK's AIM stock exchange We interviewed Cientifica's CEO in December 2013.

Posted: Jan 08,2014 by Ron Mertens