Up close and personal: Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon

This week's Graphene-info personal interview features Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon. If you wish to be featured, contact us here

  • Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon, Director of RS Mines pvt ltd in Sri Lanka and also Maia Cheese Pvt ltd in India: My role in both companies is to ensure positive and clear company direction, drive and execution of this path.
  • What was the last book you read? Last book would be reading to my kids ; ) Aesop’s Fables teaches my kids and also me, to be wise and ethical.
  • What was the last movie you saw? To be honest most of them are pretty poor these days, but last good film, Invictus and also Goon a true story hockey film, mind you I end up watching all the kids films more interesting, I think Wall-e has to be my favourite from their collection.
  • Tell us a couple of things you have on your desk at work: Photos of my Wife and Kids, my Sony Vaio Duo13, last time I went into the Queen’s Mine I took a little sample from the centre of one of the veins at the Queen’s Mine this sample has extremely high diamagnetic properties, 99.99%C purity and is surprisingly flexible which is a surprising characteristic for graphite also known as HOPG. There is no shortage of cheese and crackers too : ) A clean desk gives a clear mind, inspiration is so important for work and my magical inspiration comes from my family, the rare graphite and the Cheese which fuels me lol.
  • What’s your favorite food? Two contenders at the top here, my Mum’s spicy Chicken Curry, and myWife’s Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • What was your latest travel destination? Sydney & Sri Lanka, Manchester University and Japan are next.
  • What was the last music CD you listened to? Wow this needs a flash back, I think it was an antique Drum&Bass CD by Goldie called Timeless
  • What is the object you'd most like to 3D print? I don’t even know where to begin lol, I recently saw a 1965 Shelby whichwas 3D printed also a Jet Engine from Monash University, 3D printing has also helped the medical industry greatly, so it really is unlimited. I would have to pick an electric Lamborghini Aventador made completely from the graphite at the Queen’s Mine, not sure my wife would approve, in which case I would make a replica of the family seven seater we have and then dothe Aventador. Without a doubt she will drive the Aventador and me and the kids will be in the seven seater 
  • Who would you most like to sit next to on a long flight? (dead or alive): Holiday: my Wife and Kids, but since we live in Goa there is no need for a flight just a short five minute walk : ) Work: I would strategize, I would have a beautiful piece of crystalline vein graphite from the Queen’s Mine on my lap, on my left would be Mr. Hiroaki Nishina, COO and co-founder of Power Japan Plus for energy storage. On my right would be Brian Krzanich CEO of Intel for graphene computing. Actually all the electronic giant CEOs in economy class can fit more of them in ; ) I would hold up that magic piece of graphite and tell them that whether it be from your battery cell to your flexible screen, this is the material that will give you the edge, they all then fight for exclusive rights, after this follows the family holiday ; )
  • What are you most excited about regarding graphene in the future? I am excited to see graphene grow, cost, availability and integration into existing products are key to its success, but I feel enough is being done in the graphene community to achieve this. Graphene products is what I am looking forward to, it really has the ability to revolutionise numerous markets. I’m looking forward to the graphene solar cell, current day cells need better efficiency, and graphene brings that along with flexibility. Better energy storage solutions, because i'm sick of current day batteries! Lastly I am interested to see how graphene pushes computing to the next level and of course flexible graphene screens! Graphene’s future is secure, bright and it will no doubt bring a bit of Bruce Wayne and James Bond to all our lives, in a very positive, real, and exciting way ; ) 

                            Posted: Feb 17,2015 by Roni Peleg