Stolt Tankers enters agreement with Graphite Innovations & Technology for graphene-based marine coating to be applied on 25 ships

Stolt Tankers and Graphite Innovations & Technology (GIT) have signed a two-year agreement to apply GIT’s XGIT-PROP graphene-based marine coating to the propellers of 25 Stolt Tankers ships during 2023.

XGIT-PROP is an eco-friendly, graphene-based product that reduces marine growth and improves propulsion efficiency while preventing harmful toxins or biocides from being released into the ocean. This application supports Stolt Tankers’ decarbonization ambitions and reinforces the company’s aim for sustainability.


Jose Gonzalez Celis, Energy and Conservation Manager at Stolt Tankers, said: “This collaboration represents our continued focus on decarbonization. We have several sustainability ambitions and see GIT’s propeller coatings as a simple way to maximise fuel savings and minimise emissions. The shipping industry needs innovators like GIT to help drive change and make a significant positive impact on our oceans. Our agreement with GIT will mean we can protect our oceans without compromising operational efficiency. This is an exciting move forward for our company.”

In April 2022, Stolt Tankers completed a trial of the GIT graphene propeller coating on the Stolt Acer. The company reported a significant reduction in fuel consumption and subsequently applied the coating to five additional ships. It is expected the coating will reduce biofouling impact and noise emissions (that can have a negative impact on marine wildlife) from the company’s ships, helping to lower the impact to life below water while improving fuel efficiency.

Posted: Apr 08,2023 by Roni Peleg
John Dewar (not verified)

have you consider approaching military applications where noise reduction is very important such as submarine propellers both noise reduction and and fuel improvement would be helpful?

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