Directa Plus enters deal for system to be used for graphene compounds

Directa Plus has revealed that it has signed a deal with an unnamed Italian innovator to buy the technology for a system capable of preparing tailored graphene compounds. According to the Company, this technology will initially be used in batteries and polymers.

It explained that the acquired know-how and technology would help to enable the dry encapsulation of G Plus graphene nanoplatelets into different compound carriers for different exacting applications.


"Batteries and polymers are two important future markets for Directa Plus and whilst we continue to focus on our core markets of Environmental Remediation and Textiles, it is important to maintain development of these new G Plus graphene compounds," said Chief Executive Officer Giulio Cesareo. "The acquired technology accelerates our route to market by combining our proven G Plus technology with a complementary system to produce market ready low cost solutions for batteries and polymers."

Posted: Dec 20,2023 by Roni Peleg