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Directa Plus logoDirecta Plus was established in 2005 in Italy to develop innovative nanomaterial production processes. The company developed its own exfoliation process (which they call G+) that can be used to produce super-expanded graphite, pristine GNPs, water-dispersed GNPs and fine nanographite powder (all of them marketed under the G+ brand).

In 2014, the company inaugurated its 30-ton graphene plant in Lomazzo, Como. In April 2015 Directa Plus received a grant of €5.5 million. The company is involved with several projects and is providing its materials for textile makers, 3D printing, bicycle wheels and environmental applications.


Directa Plus is a public company that trades in the UK AIM (DCTA:L).

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c/o Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Como
Cavour 2
22074 Lomazzo CO

Directa Plus and Iterchimica announce selection for resurfacing project for Rome 2025 Jubilee

Directa Plus has announced that its collaboration with Iterchimica to develop and produce Gipave, a Green Asphalt embedded with G+ graphene, has achieved another important milestone - it has been chosen for an extensive resurfacing operation in Rome, ahead of the 2025 Jubilee.

Anas, the Italian public road company, has awarded the contract for a resurfacing operation to cover c.15 kilometers of historical routes, using Gipave technology. Gipave is enriched with Directa Plus' graphene and hard recycled plastics, which increases a roads lifespan by up to 61% compared to current market technologies.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 02,2024

Directa Plus gets €1 million loan for Setcar acquisition

Directa Plus has entered a €1 million loan agreement with Nant Capital LLC. The funding will be used to complete the final payment for the acquisition of Setcar SA. Directa Plus previously agreed to buy a stake in Setcar, the group's environmental services subsidiary, for €1.5 million, which took Directa Plus' holding to just under 100%.

Nant is owned by Patrick Soon-Shiong, and together with Soon-Shiong it holds 28.73% of the share capital of Directa Plus.

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Directa Plus enters collaboration with Heathcoat to advance graphene-enhanced textiles

Directa Plus recently announced a new collaboration with Heathcoat Fabrics that aims "to drive groundbreaking advancements in technical textiles". Heathcoat Fabrics is a manufacturer of advanced knitted and woven fabrics located in Tiverton, England.

The company said: "Integrating Directa Plus' G+ Planar Thermal Circuit technology into Heathcoat fabrics portfolio is central to this collaboration. This union is optimized to provide excellent thermal dissipation properties, helping to control and regulate the user's body temperature...It also enables strong surface resistivity, making it suitable for various anti-static applications."

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Directa Plus and Chronos Corps launch high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening

Directa Plus and Chronos Corps have launched a high-tech bag with graphene and fingerprint opening.  

Launched just in time for Fashion Week, this collaboration blends fashion and technology, showcasing the versatility of Directa Plus materials. Crafted with Coating G+®, a special water-based coating enriched with Graphene Plus, this bag not only boasts a sleek design but also offers unmatched functionality, including antimicrobial protection (antibacterial and antiviral), UV resistance, abrasion resistance, antistatic properties and thermal conductivity. It also has advanced fingerprint recognition for secure access.

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Directa Plus enters deal for system to be used for graphene compounds

Directa Plus has revealed that it has signed a deal with an unnamed Italian innovator to buy the technology for a system capable of preparing tailored graphene compounds. According to the Company, this technology will initially be used in batteries and polymers.

It explained that the acquired know-how and technology would help to enable the dry encapsulation of G Plus graphene nanoplatelets into different compound carriers for different exacting applications.

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Directa Plus announces expansion of collaboration with Miguel Caballero

Directa Plus has announced a significant expansion of its collaboration with CIA Miguel Caballero, a prominent manufacturer of bulletproof vests and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Directa Plus began collaborating with CIA Miguel Caballero in July 2022, supplying advanced graphene-based textile solutions that enhance the performance and comfort of bulletproof vests. The collaboration is reportedly entering a new phase of growth, solidifying the Group's position as a partner in CIA Miguel Caballero's product innovations.

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Directa Plus announces strategic collaboration with SPECTRUM to expand into U.S defense sector

Directa Plus has announced a strategic collaboration with The SPECTRUM Group, a US strategic advisory and government relations firm, to explore the potential of G+® technologies in the US defense sector, ahead of presenting Directa Plus' products at the Annual Meeting of the Association of the United States Army in Washington, DC.

SPECTRUM will leverage its expertise and extensive network to support Directa Plus in driving its business expansion into the military technology sector. SPECTRUM has a comprehensive understanding of Directa Plus' G+® textile and Grafysorber® technologies, and its potential and extensive applications, and is said to be well placed to educate and gain traction within the US market. SPECTRUM's customers include startups, Fortune 500 companies, government entities at various levels, and international organizations. The collaboration involves joint efforts in the development of cutting-edge products, including G+® textile technologies (i.e thermal management, antistatic, antimicrobial and thermal camouflage solutions), and Grafysorber technology, with the aim to minimize the time to market for the Group's G+ technologies in the US personal protection and defense sector.

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Directa Plus secures big sludge treatment contract with Romanian steel producer

Directa Plus has announced that Setcar SA, its environmental services subsidiary, has signed a three-year contract with Liberty Galati, the largest integrated steel producer in Romania, to process oily mills sludge.

The contract will last for three years and has a total value of €5.5 million, with the potential for further expansion up to a total of €8.0 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Setcar will provide solutions for the treatment of oily mills scale produced in the manufacturing of steel.

Directa said the contract would enable Setcar to expand further its waste treatment and disposal services for industrial pollutants and broaden the range of applications for the group’s Grafysorber technology. By using Grafysorber, Setcar would allow Liberty Galati to recycle a considerable amount of oily sludge waste, transforming it into a raw material suitable for reuse in steel production.

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