Updates on Vittoria's graphene-enhanced products

International tire manufacturer Vittoria added graphene to the rims of the Qurano series last year, and now Vittoria has further embraced graphene technology by incorporating it into its latest range of 2016 tires, referred to as the Intelligent Tire System (ITS).

Like before, Vittoria has worked with Directa Plus, an Italian manufacturer of graphene, to develop its line of new tires, which the company defines as an innovative leader in the cycling world. Vittoria’s compound expertise and knowledge of tire construction contributes strongly to the quality and performance of the tires, but the company states that graphene is responsible for slowing down wear significantly and gives the products an edge that allows it to reach a whole new level. The combination of graphene and rubber can be made very stiff and rigid when it’s not forced to work (roll fast when going straight at a steady pace), whereas the flexibility allows the rubber to enhance the grip while the biker corners/accelerates/breaks. Vittoria states that graphene affords their tires with more grip in the wet, more puncture resistance, better durability and lower rolling resistance, as much as 19% in the Corsa, and up to 40% in the Corsa Speed, a tire designed to allow maximum speed.

Vittoria wards off claims of using graphene as a publicity stunt, and states that the benefits are proven and tested. It states that its rolling resistance claims are made based on independent research done by Wheel Energy in Finland.

Also, the company is in the process of going through its entire product offering to explore the benefits of using graphene for each of the company’s products. Vittoria also says that the cycling experience on the new tires is noticeably different.

Vittoria's new Quarno graphene-enhanced wheels image

The company’s road range features nine tires made with graphene. They include the Corsa - Vittoria’s flagship product, with the Corsa Speed in a tubeless ready or tubular version at the top and a Corsa in clincher or tubular in the middle, as well as five Rubino clincher tires at the more affordable end. The latest all-round range (Rubino Pro Speed, Rubino Pro, Rubino Pro Control, Rubino Pro Endurance and Rubino) is designed to assist customers in picking the right tire for their intended purposes. It serves as a training tire for the pros and a racing tire for the aspiring riders.

The urban range includes the Revolution tires, which are listed under city as well as under mixed terrain, because it’s offered in city bike sizes as well as MTB/ATB sizes. This covers pretty much all bikes with common-sized wheels in the city. The main benefits here are the rolling resistance and the durability.

Posted: Oct 29,2015 by Roni Peleg