Directa Plus launches a graphene-based system for tackling environmental emergencies

Directa Plus has announced the commercial launch of the Grafysorber Decontamination Unit, a graphene-based system for tackling environmental emergencies such as oil spills. The Company has also declared that Biocart, an Italian company engaged in the research, development and industrialization of next-gen materials and solutions for the mitigation of natural disasters and environmental remediation, has purchased the first three mobile units.

Directa Plus states that the launch follows successful industrial remediation activities conducted in Italy and Romania. The Grafysorber Decontamination Unit contains a proprietary plasma machine that is able to produce on site all the Grafysorber needed to clean up water contaminated with the harmful hydrocarbons contained in oil spills. As it is a mobile unit, it can be quickly deployed to the site of the spill. It is a sustainable product as it enables the recovery and recycling of the adsorbed oils; it is recyclable; and it does not contain any toxic substances. The ability to produce the graphene on site and in the right quantity renders it a very cost-effective solution compared with conventional solutions.

Posted: Dec 18,2015 by Roni Peleg