Directa Plus announces expansion of collaboration with Miguel Caballero

Directa Plus has announced a significant expansion of its collaboration with CIA Miguel Caballero, a prominent manufacturer of bulletproof vests and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Directa Plus began collaborating with CIA Miguel Caballero in July 2022, supplying advanced graphene-based textile solutions that enhance the performance and comfort of bulletproof vests. The collaboration is reportedly entering a new phase of growth, solidifying the Group's position as a partner in CIA Miguel Caballero's product innovations.


Key highlights of the strengthened partnership include:

  • Enhanced Vest Technology: in addition to supplying the lining for bulletproof vests Directa Plus will also introduce a cutting-edge thermal interlayer. This innovative interlayer, based on graphene technology, will replace the phase change materials technology, ensuring superior thermal regulation and comfort for the wearer.
  • Diversification into PPE for Motorbike Riders: a new segment in this partnership, delivering textile technologies will now extend their reach into the business lines of CIA Miguel Caballero, particularly in the motorbike personal protective equipment (PPE) segment. This expansion showcases the versatility of graphene-based textiles and their applicability in enhancing safety and comfort for motorbike riders.

Commenting on this, Giulio Cesareo, founder & CEO of Directa Plus, said: "We are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Miguel Caballero, a leader in the protective wear industry, and to be part of their journey towards creating safer, more advanced protective solutions for individuals in high-risk professions. This collaboration expansion reflects our commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the textile industry and we look forward to working closely with CIA Miguel Caballero to provide even more innovative solutions to their customers."

Miguel Caballero, founder, CEO & President of Miguel Caballero MC Armor, added: "We are delighted with the continuous innovative support received from Directa Plus and we look forward to future potential opportunities."

Posted: Dec 17,2023 by Roni Peleg