Directa Plus enters agreement with CIA Miguel Caballero

Directa Plus has signed an agreement with CIA Miguel Caballero SAS, a Columbia-based manufacturer of ballistic protection clothing. This is Directa Plus' first supply contract in Latin America, reportedly worth €1 million over four years.  

As part of the new contract, Directa will supply 77,500 linear meters of PTC printed material over four years following a four-month trial period. Directa will provide CIA Miguel’s subsidiary, MC Amor, with PTC printed linings for ballistic vests. This supposedly refers to the G+ Planar Thermal Circuit (PTC), a technology for a functional Graphene Plus print that can be applied to various types of fabrics.

"This contract is the first high-volume application of the PTC technology in ballistic vests and our first in Latin America,” said Giulio Cesareo, founder and chief executive of Directa Plus in a statement. “We are looking forward to working with Miguel Caballero - which has global distribution - and creates specialized personal protection for human beings through innovative garments," he added.

CIA Miguel will integrate Directa’s “trademark G+ in the products' marketing information as a warranty seal for performance, sustainable graphene production, and material safety".

Posted: Oct 28,2022 by Roni Peleg