Researchers develop graphene oxide spray coating for antiviral protection of face masks

Researchers at Spain's IMDEA Materials Institute, Rey Juan Carlos University and Valladolid University have developed a new spray coating to improve the antiviral efficacy of personal protective equipment, notably face masks.   

The team's system is based on nanoplatelets of graphene oxide (GO) spray coated via a simple one-step procedure over a poly(lactic acid) textile fabric, allowing a homogeneous coating. The incorporation of GO does not affect the textile structure nor its air permeability, while it increases its water contact angle, potentially preventing droplet trespassing. 

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Zhik to provide graphene-enhanced water sports apparel to Australian Olympic Team sailors at the Paris Olympics

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has welcomed Sydney sailing apparel company Zhik as an official supplier for Australian Olympic Team sailors at the Paris Olympics. 

The eco-friendly water sports apparel by Zhik will be made from sustainable, plant-based Yulex rubber, with superior thermal insulation, comfort and durability, all while generating 80% fewer CO2 emissions than conventional neoprene wetsuits. The fabric is infused with graphene, that can help return up to 20% more body heat, keeping bodies warmer for longer, regulating temperatures during low-intensity activities and aiding the drying process.

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Graphene Trace secures £300k to tackle pressure ulcers

Graphene Trace, a UK-based startup that aims to use sensors to eradicate the problem of pressure ulcers, has been awarded a £300,000 grant by Innovate UK.

The startup believes its proprietary sensor technology for wheelchair users and hospital inpatients could reduce pressure ulcer onset by up to 95%. CEO Scott Dean said the grant will fund the creation of a prototype for its pressure ulcer prevention technology and bring it a step closer to going to market.

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Directa Plus enters collaboration with Heathcoat to advance graphene-enhanced textiles

Directa Plus recently announced a new collaboration with Heathcoat Fabrics that aims "to drive groundbreaking advancements in technical textiles". Heathcoat Fabrics is a manufacturer of advanced knitted and woven fabrics located in Tiverton, England.

The company said: "Integrating Directa Plus' G+ Planar Thermal Circuit technology into Heathcoat fabrics portfolio is central to this collaboration. This union is optimized to provide excellent thermal dissipation properties, helping to control and regulate the user's body temperature...It also enables strong surface resistivity, making it suitable for various anti-static applications."

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ColossusTex launches a new graphene yarn

India-based textile supply chain company ColossusTex has unveiled a new graphene yarn.

The company states that its new graphene yarn boasts a myriad of benefits that set it apart from traditional yarns, like an antibacterial rate of 99%, odor elimination and significant reduction of the chance of skin diseases. Also, the incorporation of far-infrared health care technology promotes microcirculation on the body surface, enhances blood circulation, and boosts cellular metabolism. 

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New project called GRAPHERGIA to revolutionize energy harvesting in textiles and battery technology

A consortium of 11 partners from six European countries has launched the GRAPHERGIA project, an ambitious 3.5-year Research and Innovation program, funded by €4.5 million under the Horizon Europe's Graphene Flagship initiative.

Aimed at redefining the integration of energy solutions into everyday life, GRAPHERGIA aims to transform how we use and store energy. Its main goal is to develop and deploy cutting-edge graphene-based materials into energy harvesting and storage devices. These advances would enable scalable and cost-efficient production of two-dimensional (2D) material technologies for a wide array of applications.

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Researchers develop customizable graphene e-textiles

A research team, led by Soongeun Kwon from the Department of Nano Manufacturing Technology at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) and Professor Young-Jin Kim from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Engineering (KAIST), has reported the development of customized graphene-based e-textiles.

Unlike most conventional methods that rely on toxic chemicals or optical masks for patterning, the research team used laser-direct patterning technology to create laser-induced graphene (LIG) on e-textiles. This approach led to the production of graphene-based e-textiles. The team converted raw Kevlar textiles to electrically conductive laser-induced graphene (LIG) via femtosecond laser pulses in ambient air. 

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Researchers use printed graphene electrodes for textile-embedded triboelectric nanogenerators for biomechanical sensing

Researchers from Portugal's Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores – Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias (INESC MN), Universidade de Lisboa and the UK's University of Exeter have developed an efficient flexible triboelectric textile by using printed graphene electrodes with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and the textile itself as the triboelectric pair.

To achieve this, the team used a textile planarization technique with a polyurethane adhesive, along with three different deposition methods: graphene droplet films (GDF), graphene immersion films (GIF), and graphene spray films (GSF). 

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Directa Plus and Candiani Denim launch new eco-denim textile product

Directa Plus has partnered with Candiani Denim, an Italian textile producer focused on innovation and sustainability, to launch GRAPHITO, an eco-denim textile. The eco-friendly denim textile combines Directa Plus' patented technology, providing antimicrobial and thermal properties, with Candiani Denim's bio-based polymer, which replaces liquid plastic in textile production.

GRAPHITO offers unique benefits by reducing water usage, energy consumption, and carbon emissions by up to 75% throughout the garment's wash lifecycle. Additionally, its antibacterial and antiviral properties enable up to 10 wears per lifecycle, while the thermoregulating properties make it suitable for all seasons.

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Versarien reports interim results after "challenging period"; plans to regroup around Cementene and Graphene wear

Versarien plans to regroup around its commercial graphene applications (Cementene and Graphene Wear) in order to promote a recovery, while also cutting costs to stabilize the business, as the Company stated while also reporting its interim results.

In the results statement, Diane Savory, Versarien’s chair, said: "The period under review was extremely challenging from a financial perspective, both from a balance sheet point of view and with the decline in graphene revenues reflecting the ending of the DSTL development contract”. Revenues in the six months to end March 2023 were £2.62 million (2022: £3.89 million), with losses of £3.4 million (2022: £2.16 million), while cash at the end of the period £0.76 million with a further £0.53 million raised since.

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