Directa Plus enters collaboration with Heathcoat to advance graphene-enhanced textiles

Directa Plus recently announced a new collaboration with Heathcoat Fabrics that aims "to drive groundbreaking advancements in technical textiles". Heathcoat Fabrics is a manufacturer of advanced knitted and woven fabrics located in Tiverton, England.

The company said: "Integrating Directa Plus' G+ Planar Thermal Circuit technology into Heathcoat fabrics portfolio is central to this collaboration. This union is optimized to provide excellent thermal dissipation properties, helping to control and regulate the user's body temperature...It also enables strong surface resistivity, making it suitable for various anti-static applications."


G+ is a technological platform for developing textiles that cater to the rigorous demands of various high-stakes industries, from aerospace to healthcare.

Directa Plus hopes to benefit from Heathcoat's expertise relating to a broad range of markets to develop products that address complex challenges and unlock consumer value.

Posted: Mar 25,2024 by Roni Peleg