The DOE selected XG Sciences to develop high-energy graphene based battery materials

XG Sciences announced today that the US Department of Energy (DOE) selected the company to develop high-energy Lithium-ion battery materials for use in extended range electric vehicle applications. XG-Sciences developed a silicon-graphene nanocomposite anode material (based on their xGnP graphene nanoplatelets and XG Leaf graphene sheets) that demonstrated significant increases in energy storage capacity over traditional graphite.

The DOE targets 600 mAh/g reversible anode capacity and 1000 cycle life in 250 mAh cells. XG Sciences will collaborate on this project with battery maker LG Chem Power and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

XG's products are also useful for capacitors, and in April 2012 the US Air Force Research Laboratory awarded them with a project to develop ultra high-energy capacitors for in space energy storage systems.

Posted: Oct 16,2012 by Ron Mertens