Dotz Nano teams up with UltraCharge to develop GQD-enhanced battery

UltraCharge, an Australian company based in Israel that aims to develop next-gen battery technology, has signed a cornerstone Joint Collaboration Agreement with Dotz Nano, in order to integrate graphene quantum dots (GQDs) in its anode technology for lithium-ion batteries. The agreement will see the two companies enter into a 3-month pilot cooperation program to develop longer-lasting, faster-charging and more dependable technology utilizing GQD’s.

UltraCharge's battery technology image

UltraCharge and Dotz Nano intend to develop the next generation of nanoparticles producing inexpensive, non-toxic graphene quantum dots and at up to ten times the production yield compared to conventional alternatives. In addition, UltraCharge has agreed to place an initial order of a minimum of $150,000 USD worth of GQDs for use in LIB anodes, should the pilot program meet technical expectations. The initial order will be subject to UltraCharge receiving purchase orders of at least $1 million USD for their GQD-enriched anodes.

At the current time, UltraCharge is developing a new anode to be implemented in its forthcoming range of lithium-ion batteries. Its aim is to replace the use of graphite as the anode, by switching to a gel alternative, made from titanium dioxide. According to its initial testing, Dotz Nano’s GQDs can improve UltraCharge’s anode capabilities and provide technical enhancements such as rapid charging, extended longevity, better safety, cost efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint of poorly-recycled batteries.
Posted: Nov 22,2017 by Roni Peleg