Elcora Resources announces testing of graphene production

Canadian Elcora Resources Corp. announced the beginning of sample testing for potential graphite clients, and started testing purified Elcora graphite for graphene, batteries and high-end expandable graphite.

The company plans to take several steps to reach their goals: reducing the particle size of the graphite to maintain crystal morphology and perform separations techniques to upgrade the graphite, pursuing contaminant removal methods, and testing expansion ratio, activation temperatures, surface area and performance in lithium ion battery applications and graphene preparation for quality testing. 

These procedures are expected to take place during Q1 of 2015, with results in the beginning of Q2.

In October 2014, Elcora has stated its aim to become a vertically integrated graphite to graphene production company, and change its name to Graphene Corporation

Source: stockhouse


Posted: Feb 12,2015 by Roni Peleg