FIOBOC launches graphene-enhanced activewear

FIOBOC, a casual fashion menswear brand, recently launched a graphene-enhanced activewear range. The collection includes sweatshirts and jackets in a range of naturally dyed colors. Using graphene in the fabric of FIOBOC's new collection allows it to keep warmth and comfort for wearers. The graphene fabric can reportedly insulate heat to reduce heat loss from the human body to ensure the wearer is kept warm.

FIOBOC stated that the "new collection is created with an athleisure style. While promoting comfort, the simple but stylish design makes it perfect for daily wear at work or home, working out at the gym, or going out motorcycling. Paired with a denim jacket or a snow jacket, it will be an ideal choice for camping or mountain climbing".

"As a casual fashion menswear brand, we wanted to provide another option for customers who appreciate high-quality, thoughtfully made clothing that not only brings a comfortable wearing experience to themselves but also helps the environment," said Marcel, founder of FIOBOC.

Founded in 2019, FIOBOC is a casual fashion menswear brand that designs and manufactures innovative, high-performance apparel for travel, work, and play. FIOBOC textiles are the result of years of research and development spent trying to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of form, function, and aesthetics to meet the expectations of today's consumers. All products manufactured by FIOBOC are composed of 100% regenerative materials. On average, a classic FIOBOC T-shirt produces 63% fewer carbon emissions than the other tees in people's closets. This, in addition to the brand's effort of using fabric with lower environmental impact for its new Graphene-enhanced activewear range, echoes FIOBOC's mission of creating stylish and sustainable clothing that is eco-friendly and responsible.

Posted: Nov 03,2022 by Roni Peleg