First Graphene announces milestone on supercapacitor materials

First Graphene (FGR) has announced that it has reached a milestone on its program to develop high performing supercapacitor materials. FGR’s recent work has been focused on the development of an optimized bill of materials for a supercapacitor to deliver high energy and power densities.

First Graphene has now announced that, in a standard test cell, its product PureGRAPH hybrid active materials outperform leading activated carbon materials over 100 cycles. The PureGRAPH materials have a specific capacitance of 140 farads per gram (f/g) while activated carbon cells typically have a specific capacitance of 35 f/g. FGR said this shows that PureGRAPH hybrid active materials can be formulated into an electrode slurry for use in device manufacture.

Having shown significant performance over activated carbon, First Graphene said it is in a strong position to develop a commercial partnership with large supercapacitor manufacturing companies that are looking to create the next generation of supercapacitors.

Managing Director and CEO Michael Bell said the company continues to make good progress in the rapidly emerging market for energy storage materials. We have proven that we can manufacture robust, high capacitance materials based on our PureGRAPH products, he said. Our next challenge is to optimize performance with other device components, with a particular focus on a suitable electrolyte. We have established important strategic relationships to do this.
Posted: Dec 01,2021 by Roni Peleg