First Graphene updates on commercial use of PureGRAPH

First Graphene (FGR) has provided an update on the progress of the commercial use of its pureGRAPH product line and the product launches from early adopters of its PureGRAPH products.

FGR shared that Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT) has used a PureGRAPH enhanced laminate system to develop a new range of swimming pools launched under Aqua Technics. The new graphene nano-tech pool range is said to provide multiple quality improvements with ALT upgrading equipment and processes to implement commercial-scale production. This means PureGraph will be standard in all new Aqua Technics pools.

Ascent Shipwrights has also confirmed PureGRAPH will become a standard additive to its future glass reinforced plastic boats, following "successful" sea trials.

Another early adopter, Steel Blue has completed the first production run of PureGRAPH enhanced safety boots, which are set to launch into the Australian safety footwear market this month.

First Graphene said the boots, which feature a PureGRAPH outsole and scuff cap, have been tested against multiple global safety standards and passed all requirements for distribution in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Wear protection provider, newGen Group, that services mining, bulk handling and mineral processing clients, has launched its PureGRAPH enhanced polyurethane wear liners called AmourGRAPH. The group conducted trials that reportedly showed a six-fold improvement in wear rates of the enhanced liners when compared to standard polyurethane liners.

Subsequently, newGen has noted its clients are changing asset management processes and supply chains to utilize ArmourGRAPH wear liner materials.

Lastly, West Australian custom surfboard shaping company, Katana Surf, has developed a PureGRAPH-enhanced surfboard line aimed at boosting durability.

Following a collaboration with FGR, Katana said the addition of PureGRAPH demonstrated marked improvements in the board resistance and strength which has been welcomed by the local surf community who have tested the boards.

Katana Surf said it will now offer the inclusion of PureGRAPH into its custom surfboards.

Posted: Jun 23,2021 by Roni Peleg