G6 Materials enters collaboration agreement with MADE Advanced Materials

G6 Materials has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Graphene Laboratories (GLI), has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Singapore-based MADE Advance Materials. The collaboration between GLI and MADE will be focused on production collaboration and the potential joint development of intellectual property.

MADE is a company that aims to introduce a new way of development in the next generation of graphene/fiber-reinforced composite materials. MADE works within the automotive, marine, and lifestyle industries.

The key terms of the Agreement include:

  • MADE and GLI intend to explore the possibility of using the fiber composites with graphene-enhanced resin (the “Collaborative Project”) as necessary to meet specific terms provided by the third-party client;
  • The Collaborative Project shall include three stages – the Development Stage, the Prototype Manufacturing Stage and the Production Stage;
  • GLI and MADE agree to share the profits of the Collaborative Project and possible future projects;
  • GLI and MADE will each cover its own expenses during the development and manufacturing stages of the Collaborative Project and possible future projects;
  • GLI is to provide MADE with advanced materials enhanced with graphene; and
  • MADE, based on its extensive experience with manufacturing methods including resin transfer molding, will incorporate this method when working with G6 and GLI.

GLI and MADE have also signed a Joint Intellectual Property Ownership Agreement (the “Joint IP Agreement”) in conjunction with the SPA. All intellectual property that is mutually made, developed, conceived, first reduced to practice, fixed in any tangible means of expression, or created by MADE and GLI during the term of the Agreement will be considered to be Joint IP. 

“The Strategic Partnership agreement presents a great opportunity for G6 and its employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The combination of MADE’s capabilities with our graphene-based expertise could very well yield some interesting results for the Collaborative Project and other future projects,” said Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, President & Co-CEO of G6 Materials Corp. “We are excited to work with the MADE team throughout the term of the Strategic Partnership Agreement, as well as under the terms of the Joint IP Agreement, with the goal of developing innovative production solutions and valuable intellectual property. I would like to commend the MADE team on their professionalism and look forward to collaborating with them long into the future. We will provide our shareholders with an update about new commercial opportunities evolved from this very important partnership,” added Dr. Stolyarov.

“We are very excited to sign the SPA with Graphene Laboratories. It is an important milestone in our long-lasting partnership,” said Michel Goedegebuure, CEO of MADE. “The combination of our proprietary manufacturing method with graphene-enhanced formulations developed by our partner is a synergy that will allow us to create novel products and find new customers and offer them this that ground-breaking technology to provide them with a solution they desperately need to achieve their business goals,” added Mr. Goedegebuure.

Posted: Dec 07,2022 by Roni Peleg