G6 Materials launches new thermally conductive epoxy product line

G6 Materials, has announced the launch of a new thermally conductive G6-EPOXY product line.

The first new product is named “G6E-TSHV” and is a high thermally conductive, non-electrically conductive epoxy, while the second new product is named “G6E-TSAL” and is a thermally conductive, non-electrically conductive, low viscosity epoxy. Both new products are available in various size formats.


The new product line expands G6-EPOXY’s reach into a new area of the epoxy market. All of the research and development for the new line was done internally by the Company, and seven more products are being prepared for launch in the near future.

“We are excited to release this new line of products. We strive to develop new formulations to provide solutions for our customers and to address the problems that they face when working to develop advanced products and emerging technologies” said Daniel Stolyarov, the President, CTO & Co-CEO of the Company.

Posted: Aug 10,2023 by Roni Peleg