GMG updates on the commercialization efforts of its THERMAL-XR

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has provided an update on its THERMAL-XR (TXR) product, noting that since the recent Australian government approval for GMG to produce and sell Thermal-XR at scale, the company has driven sales activities and bolstered related production capacity.

GMG said important first sales at scale have recently been secured, including an order for over AUD$130,000 (over USD$86,770), and its efforts to widen potential market segments are finding positive reception, providing strong encouragement for continued sales focus targeting near-term notable revenues. The recent order for THERMAL-XR, from a large Australian eco-friendly resort for the coating of nearly 200 air conditioners, represents the largest single order for THERMAL-XR, the company said.


“We are very excited to see the reception we are seeing with THERMAL-XR in various channels and applications, including HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) direct for larger business customers, HVAC-R distributors in various countries, data centers and various energy producers,” GMG CEO Craig Nicol said in a statement.  

GMG noted that sales of Thermal-XR in HVAC-R market are growing in various countries in direct sales to HVAC-R contractors, with efforts to identify and strike arrangements with local HVAC-R distributors ongoing.

The company added that it has identified a number of markets outside the HVAC-R segment, where it sees expanded opportunities for TXR applications, such as in the Data Centre and Energy Production.

THERMAL-XR is GMG's proprietary graphene-enhanced heat transfer product that provides potential energy-saving benefits in a wide range of applications, with an estimated market size in excess of US$28.4 billion that has the potential to grow as more heat exchangers are needed for cooling space and in other industrial and energy production applications, according to the company.

GMG produces graphene and hydrogen by cracking methane (natural gas) instead of mining graphite. By using a proprietary process, GMG can produce scalable, 'tunable' and no or low contaminant graphene in clean-tech applications. It is developing value-added products that target the energy efficiency and energy storage markets. It is also pursuing opportunities for GMG graphene-enhanced products, including developing next-generation batteries.

Posted: Apr 12,2023 by Roni Peleg