GMG updates on progress of its graphene-aluminum batteries

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has provided a progress update on its Graphene Aluminum-Ion Battery technology being developed by GMG and the University of Queensland (UQ).

The Company has announced it has produced multiple battery pouch cells with over 1000 mAh (1 Ah) capacity. In a recent build to confirm repeatability, the Company's development team has built and confirmed multiple cells, all reportedly testing greater than 1Ah (1000mAh). This is defined by GMG as "a major milestone achieved to demonstrate scalability from coin cells to pouch cells". 


Now that GMG has successfully made multiple 1000 mAh pouch cells - it will continue to focus on making more of these batteries and then seek third party laboratory battery testing data, which GMG expects to complete in H1 2024.

At the same time, GMG will review a potential investment for the procurement and installation of an automated pouch cell battery pilot plant in its Richlands Australia Facility. The Pilot Plant will enable the Company to produce pouch cells for potential customers to test in battery packs for different applications. Following the successful start-up of the Pilot Plant and successful customer trials, GMG expects to pursue large scale commercial production.

The battery technology readiness level ("BTRL") of the Graphene Aluminum-Ion technology currently remains at Level 4. GMG is currently optimizing electrochemical behavior for pouch cells via ongoing laboratory experimentation. If GMG invests, constructs and commissions a Pilot Plant it is anticipated the battery technology progress to BTRL 7 and 8 since the equipment and process to make the Graphene Aluminum-Ion batteries is the same as those employed to make Lithium Ion Batteries.






Posted: Feb 09,2024 by Roni Peleg
Doug Chivers (not verified)

I assume you've looked at what Nano-One is doing to reduce the cost and pollution for making Li batteries. Is it applicable to Gr/Al battery production?
I am a small investor in GMG, and keen on seeing your batteries become the replacement for Li EV batteries. Do you see this happening? What might be the time frame required?

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