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Grafren company logo imageSweden-based Grafren develops smart textiles using its patented method to separate high-quality graphene flakes. Grafren was spun off from Linköping University, Sweden, in 2018.

Grafren is working on graphene flakes separation and coatings, and has several key-enabling technologies developed and patented. The company developed a method to treat large volumes of graphene dispersions and separate graphene flakes into different fractions based on their thickness and lateral size.

The main benefit of this technology is that it allows for the separation of thinner flakes from flakes thicker than 10 atomic layers, bulk inclusions and other contaminants. The thickness of the material is directly related to the flakes' hardness and their bending ability.

The method uses gravity, and is based on the difference between the floatation and sedimentation speed of graphene and graphene oxide flakes in the liquid dispersion. It is economically viable for large-scale graphene production, since it requires less energy and minimum labor.

The company's method enables it to obtain high-quality graphene flakes and work on developing large-scale and cost-efficient production of textiles and glass-fibers with added functions such as electrical conductivity, Joule heating and force/pressure sensing.

Grafren developed an innovative way to incorporate graphene flakes into the depth of the fabric, wrapping every individual fiber and creating a conductive “skin” with controlled electrical conductivity.


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