Graphene 3D Labs logoGraphene 3D Lab announced signing a contract with U.S based ZeGo Robotics to develop a proof-of-concept 3D printer. The prototype machine will be specifically designed to print with the company's conductive graphene filament and other functionally-enhanced composite materials.

A prototype is meant to be delivered in 3 months, will be owned by Graphene 3D Lab as well as all related intellectual properties. Graphene 3D will also be granted a perpetual, royalty-free license to use any pre-existing ZeGo intellectual property integrated into the machine.

Graphene 3D Lab stated that it believes that the development of a 3D printer uniquely designed to capitalize on the company's functional filaments is core to achieving the goal of developing a dynamic ecosystem to allow the 3D printing of operational devices.

The project will be done through a collaboration between the companies, bringing together ZeGo's expertise in the development of 3D printers with Graphene 3D Lab's expertise in specialty printing materials.

In light of this development, Graphene 3D will no longer be moving forward with the previously planned acquisition of Boots Industries.