Graphene 3D Labs logoGraphene 3D Lab announced signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Boots Industries, a Canadian 3D printer manufacturer. Graphene 3D Lab intends to purchase all Boots Industries assets and hire a team of Boots Industries in an all-share transaction estimated at $500,000 CAD.

Graphene 3D Lab plans to create a proprietary 3D printer with the capability of printing functional and electronic devices and optimized to maximize performance of Graphene 3D functional printing materials.

Boots Industries was founded in 2012 in Quebec city, and is now a leading member of the Canadian 3D printing market. Their BI V2.0 large-volume 3D printer is considered rather successful and the company is working on furthering their latest BI V2.5 model.

In November 2014, Graphene 3D Lab signed an agreement with Taulman 3D to produce graphene-enhanced nylon for 3D printing. In September 2014, the company filed a provisional application for a US patent for 3D printable batteries.