A U.S-based startup called GraphWear is developing a graphene-based patch that can analyze sweat and communicate its findings via mobile app. It points out important physical information, like when there is a need to drink water in order to prevent a muscle cramp, glucose levels and more. The company is currently focusing on athletes as a target customer but hopes to develop healthcare applications further down the line.

The startup is currently part of the Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator (DHA), and GraphWear received $50,000 from the DHA, as well as $50,000 from Dreamit Health, in exchange for 8% equity.When developing a patch that can be safely worn on the skin to collect data on the condition of the human body, it is necessary to isolate a biological marker that can be measured and that marker has to be carried in the equivalent of diluted and ultra-filtered blood, and collected without piercing the skin. Sweat, therefore, was a natural choice. Using graphene as the base material in a patch that measures these markers is facilitated by the fact that graphene is chemically inert.

The company also revealed that its patent-pending process cuts roughly 13 steps from the production of a usable graphene film.