Graphene Energy logoGraphene Energy are on track on have a graphene-based ultra capacitor by year's end. This will have at least twice the storage capacity of commercially available ultracapacitors.

Ultracapcitors promises to be a cost-effective, high-power and high-capacity energy storage solution. Unlike batteries, Ultracapacitors can store and deliver energy in very short time, thus making them most suitable for high power density applications. Graphene Energy are using Graphene for the capacitor electrodes with expectation of power densities surpassing any other known form of activated Carbon electrodes due to its large and readily accessible surface area.

"Graphene's surface area of 2630 m2/gram, almost the area of a football field in about 1/500th of a pound of material. This means that a greater number of positive or negative ions in the electrolyte can form a layer on the graphene sheets resulting in exceptional levels of stored charge" says Graphene Energy.

The company is seeking funding, to enable them to setup manufacturing for this new ultra capacitor. They will also need a large supply of graphene - which is still not available today. They are in talks with several startups that produce Grapene, and might be able to scale up production.