The recent IDTechEx Graphene Live! event featured a unique graphene-enhanced guitar, made of carbon fiber with epoxy encapsulation. The guitar is presented by Perpetuus' Ian walters, who tells of a failed first attempt at making it. The second time around, the guitar was successfully made and proves to be light, strong and with excellent sound. The guitar was auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.



Graphene? Where?

The guitar body, and maybe the neck, is made of carbon fiber, but where is the graphene used? I here the guy making the video ask the owner of the guitar how graphene is used, but the question is never answered. Does the guitar even contain graphene? If so, what makes graphene useful/special for making a guitar?

It's not entirely clear, the

It's not entirely clear, the carbon-fibers are probably enforced with graphene (a CF-G composite)


He is saying they used the graphene to strengthen the carbon fiber epoxy bond. That is what he is talking about with the "hooks". I don't think English is his native language so I believe he is having trouble articulating complex thought.