Graphene-enhanced lead-acid batteries launched in China

Three companies in China recently launched graphene-enhanced lead-acid batteries, and they claim the graphene materials boost the performance of the batteries. While it is hard to verify the exact content and composition of these batteries, it seems as if graphene is finally starting to enter the battery market.

Tianneng battery group TNEH battery series photo

First up is Tianneng battery, which offers its TNEH Series Deep Cycle Black Gold Battery. The company says that the graphene expands the cycle life of the batteries and improves the performance at low temperatures. The TNEH series offers a 20% longer cycle life compared to the company's non-graphene batteries. The same battery also offers a 5% increase in capacity at low temperatures.

The second company is Xupai Power Co, which released a graphene-enhanced lead-acid battery, model 6-DZF-22.8. Unfortunately, we do not have any more information about this battery, but the company claims it enables higher density compared to its non-graphene batteries.

Xupai Power 6-DZF-22-8 graphene lead-acid battery photo

Finally, we have Chaowei Power Co, that released a new graphene-enhanced battery, that sports a 20% improvement in energy density, and longer lifetime (i.e. more charge/discharge cycles). The graphene also helps to improve the low temperature resistance of the company's regular batteries. The company says that its graphene-enhanced battery is a "revolutionary breakthrough".

Chaowei released its first graphene lead-acid battery in 2017, but back then it was not clear whether actual graphene materials are used. According to our information, the company is now using high-quality graphene materials to achieve an actual performance boost.

Posted: Nov 02,2021 by Ron Mertens