The Graphene Flagship transitions into Core 3

​The Graphene Flagship has announced a transition into Core 3, the fourth funding cycle of the €1 Billion research initiative funded by the European Commission. In this three-year phase of the project, the Graphene Flagship expects to advance much further toward the commercialization of graphene and layered materials. While keeping an eye on fundamental research, the Graphene Flagship Core 3 will have a special focus on innovative research to boost graphene-enabled technologies to higher technology readiness levels.

It was stated that roughly 30% of Core 3 budget will fund eleven industry-led 'Spearhead Projects', each established with clear market-motivated objectives. These Spearheads focus on a wide range of application areas, but all have the common goal of developing new or improved products integrating graphene and layered materials.

Kari Hjelt, Graphene Flagship Head of Innovation, says: "We are continuing our mission to create a true business impact from graphene. Now, we are seeing the first wave of graphene-enabled products on the market. The Graphene Flagship's commercialization activities are moving towards industrial components and system-level integration. In the future, we will see a growing number of high value-added products for various applications, all enabled by graphene."
Posted: Apr 04,2020 by Roni Peleg