Graphene Frontiers announces patent for roll-to-roll graphene transfer process

The U.S based Graphene Frontiers, developer of graphene materials and device technology, announced securing a U.S patent (No. 8,822,308) for the transfer of graphene films between surfaces using roll-to-roll processes.

The patented process is meant to be a cost-effective, etch-free transfer process, allowing manufacturers to avoid dissolving or consuming the substrate metal. It is reportedly also compatible with other materials, including nanomaterials.

The company states that succeeding in handling graphene and placing it among other materials is critical to taking advantage of it, and this process should be a step in that direction.  

In September 2013, Graphene Frontiers has been awarded a $744,600 grant from the NSF to develop roll-to-roll graphene production. In November 2013 we posted an article describing Graphene Frontiers' technology and business.  In July 2014 the company announced raising $1.6m for development of their proprietary GFET sensors.  

Posted: Nov 11,2014 by Roni Peleg