Graphene-Info overhauls its Graphene Supercapacitors Market Report

A few days ago, we published our quarterly update for our Graphene Supercapacitors Market Report. The update this time was comprehensive, as we overhauled the report.

The supercapacitors market is heating up (this is also true for other energy storage devices), as the world increases its investments in renewable energy and electric vehicles and transportation and supercapacitors play an ever more important role.

Graphene materials can enhance the performance of supercapacitors, and today the highest performance devices are indeed based on graphene materials. It is expected that the future will

Our report covers many topics - how graphene can be used to increase the performance of supercapacitors, the current market stats, a complete list of graphene supercapacitors developers and more. Our hands-on report costs $299.99 for a single-user license and can be downloaded immediately.

Posted: Oct 18,2021 by Ron Mertens