Graphene Layers joins Rutgers EcoComplex’s WindIgnite “Offshore Wind Supply Chain Accelerator” program

Graphene Layers, a start-up that develops graphene-based solutions, and Rutgers EcoComplex “Clean Energy Innovation Center” and its WindIgnite “Offshore Wind Supply Chain Accelerator Program,” announced a partnership aimed at advancing their shared goals and objectives in the fields of clean energy generation, sustainable development, and integrating graphene technology for Offshore Wind (OSW) applications. 

The partnership will focus on developing and commercializing graphene-based solutions that contribute to sustainable OSW supply chain development and help tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental and societal challenges.

Graphene technology can play an essential role in wind turbine manufacturing because the turbine components can be produced stronger and more durable, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective energy generation from OSW. The collaboration aims at integrating Graphene Technologies’ cutting-edge solutions for clean energy generation as well as demonstrating real-time applications.

“We are thrilled to be joining Rutgers EcoComplex’s WindIgnite Accelerator Program to advance our efforts in graphene technology development and contribute to sustainable development,” said Alhaz Shiliwala, founder and president of Graphene Layers. “Rutgers EcoComplex’s WindIgnite Accelerator Program supports Graphene Layers so that we can improve and scale up our technology to be able to integrate it into the emerging OSW supply-chain ecosystem. We are confident that the collaboration will lead to significant advancements.”

“We are excited that Graphene Layers is joining our accelerator program. We have provided Rutgers EcoComplex’s business incubation and acceleration supports to numerous clean technology companies to date and we are confident that we will provide similar support to Graphene Layers through our WindIgnite Accelerator Program,” said Serpil Guran, director of Rutgers EcoComplex.

“The collaboration will help drive innovation and create a positive impact in the industries including OSW turbine manufacturing sector where Graphene Technologies can play an essential role,” added Guran.

Posted: Feb 16,2023 by Roni Peleg