Graphene Nanochem successfully raised $50 million, now trades in the UK's AIM exchange

Graphene Nanochem logoGraphene Nanochem (previously Biofutures International) successfully raised £32.5 million (almost $50 million) and acquired Malaysian specialty chemicals group Platinum Nanochem. The company now trades on the UK's AIM stock exchange (ticker GRPH) with a market value of around £155 million ($235 million).

The new company holds an existing core specialty chemicals business in Malaysia, and also holds the exclusive license to a process known as Catalyx which uses a catalyst to extract graphene from biogases (such as methane). This process can potentially mean low-cost graphene production. They are also developing graphene-enhanced lubricants for used in the extraction of shale gas.

Posted: Mar 29,2013 by Ron Mertens