Graphenea launches specialty chemical spin-off Kivoro

Graphenea has launched a specialty chemicals spin off, called Kivoro. The new company will be focused on creating solutions for industrial challenges. 

Graphenea will continue to operate as a graphene producer, with Kivoro taking lead on applications development in various industries like composites, construction, and more.

Kivoro will operate with agility and speed and aim to tackle all challenges with a "keep-it-simple"  approach. Jeremey Shipp Sales Director at KIVORO notes, “We are working on complicated industrial challenges, but we’re uncomplicated to deal with. We understand our clients are looking for solutions, not problems and we are a straight-forward, agile organization.”

KIVORO goes beyond graphene, Jesús de la Fuente, CEO comments, “KIVORO was spun out to allow us to commercialize our current industrial solutions and move beyond graphene. We will naturally maintain our leading expertise in carbon and nanomaterials, but we are firmly focused on developing the right specialty chemicals for our clients’ industrial challenges to bring about operative efficiencies and emissions reduction.”

KIVORO works with many industries from construction, coatings, filtration, composites, and others. They have developed several high-performance additives ranging from their Cement Enhancer to Energy Storage, Composites, Adhesives, Rubber Latex, Coatings and beyond. One of their proudest achievements is their net zero status, Jesús de la Fuente, CEO commented, “We are relentless in our pursuit of improvements to achieve great results with a positive impact on performance and planet. All our products are carbon neutral and in most cases our products allow our customers to improve their carbon footprint saving money at the same time.” 

Posted: Dec 16,2022 by Roni Peleg