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Grapheneca logoUS-based GrapheneCA (Nano Graphene Inc) is producing a family of high-quality graphene products including graphene paste, graphene flakes, graphene compounds and graphene enhanced composites in its New York production facility, using the company's patented production process - said to be highly effective, scalable, and environmentally friendly.

The company also aims to produce a wide-range of graphene-based composite materials.

GrapheneCA Solves Scalable Graphene Supply

GrapheneCA is a graphene supplier and graphene-based product manufacturer. Headquartered in New York, its international network of partners span across South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. An outreach that is possible thanks to the company’s innovative approach to graphene distribution.

Mobile Graphene Container Systems (MGCS) are GrapheneCA’s way of offering high-quality, eco-friendly, and scalable graphene production. These modules allow industrial users from around the world to set up their own graphene production lines without the need to hire new staff or make significant equipment purchases. MGCS’s solve graphene industry problems of limited volume and costly, inefficient shipping. They are industrial-scale graphene vending machines that plug directly into production facilities. Eligibility requirements for this end-to-end solution start at 1.5 tons per month for proven graphene applications.

Mobile graphene container system (GrapheneCA)

Thanks to GrapheneCA’s patented technology, MGCS’s are able to produce pristine graphene nanoplatelets. Each module is green and highly portable, with the capacity for one-ton production in a closed-loop 40-foot container, leaving zero waste. The company is betting on in-house dispersion and masterbatch technology to meet a growing graphene demand that is expected to outpace supply in the coming years.

It is now possible to produce graphene anywhere in the world under any weather conditions with only a power and water source. This makes MGCS an ideal solution for the industrial production of new cement, coatings, epoxy resins, and composites that integrate graphene. High-tech graphene applications such as sensors, water filtration, electronics, and energy storage stand to benefit as well.

Besides this important solution to the advancement of graphene supply, GrapheneCA’s own product line consists of a wide array of graphene-based gels, pastes, flakes, composites, and admixtures. The most recent of these being the OG Concrete Admix products that are designed to introduce graphene concrete to construction industry competing at the same price as current additives such as silicon fume.

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