GrapheneCA launches Mobile Graphene Container System for in-house graphene manufacturing

GrapheneCA recently announced the development of a novel Mobile Graphene Container System (MGCS), a scalable, modular graphene production system, to help companies manufacture graphene in-house.

GrapheneCA creates mobile graphene container system for in-house graphene manufacturing image

The New York-based company, which develops graphene-based technology for industries, said MGCS is available in 40-foot containers that are designed specifically for industrial producers and high-tech applications.

The company said that with MGCS' high quality, ecologically clean graphene can be produced in-house anywhere in the world.

Think of Mobile Graphene Container System as your own graphene production line, said David Robles, head of business development at GrapheneCA. Producers will be able to secure a constant graphene supply and have greater control over their production volume and price.

Robles said the process eliminates the reliance on third-party suppliers and complicated logistics.

The industrial containers produce a high volume of industrial graphene in quantities of 4 tons of powder or more than 12 tons of graphene paste, according to the company.

The MGCS system is reportedly able to produce pure graphene and graphene oxides derivatives, a much finer quality of product. The manufactured products have additional drying and quality-control features that reduce the need for graphene experts.

The company said that the next generation method simplifies graphene production and addresses problems that arise during product shipments.

GrapheneCA said MGCS also offers cost savings by eliminating markups, using a local graphite supply and not needing to ship the graphene.

The MGCS technology has been patented and GrapheneCA is preparing for mass production to advance a number of industrial and commercial applications for its graphene supply.

Posted: Jul 02,2019 by Roni Peleg