Graphenglass company logo imageGraphenglass is a Spain-based company that is focused on transferring the high performance of graphene to known materials.

The company's research is focused in graphene development to meet modern requirements for industrial production applications. Graphenglass has developed a new technology that uses nanoengineering to produce graphene-enhanced materials or compacted graphene-based materials.

Gg1 is the first Graphenglass material, it is a compact graphene that improves performance for relevant properties such as surface hydrophobicity, flame-retardant, color consistence for outdoor exposure, mechanical strength, or stopping microorganisms from spreading, which makes it a material suitable for use in extreme environments.

The Graphenglass new material compound enables greater freedom in design through organic and volumetric forms to develop innovative solutions, overcoming numerous industrial constraints typical of other materials. Initially in a liquid state, the compact graphene acquires its solid form through an advanced plasmation molding process.

Company Address: 
Av. de València, 197
12005 Castelló Castellón