Graphex Group to establish a second spherical graphite production site in China

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The Graphex Group Ltd (GRFXY listed on OTCQX), a leading developer of graphene products and technologies and a manufacturer of spherical graphite and graphene technology for the renewable energy sector, has set up an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Heilongjiang Province Graphex New Material Technology Company Limited (HLJ Province Graphex) at Qitaihe City of the Heilongjiang Province of China.

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Graphex's manufacturing facility for spherical graphite is strategically located in Heilongjiang Province, which is rich in high-quality natural graphite reserves. Once HLJ Province Graphex’s new production facility is fully online, the company expects to increase annual production by 30,000 tons to a total of 40,000 tons.

The Company is one of the largest manufacturers of spherical graphite, a key material for production of Lithium Ion battery cells used to form layers of graphene in the anode of lithium ion battery cells. Charged energy is stored within the anode in the form Lithium Ions trapped between the layers of graphene. Lithium ion batteries are used, among other applications, in electric vehicles and energy storage solutions for renewable energy farms. Graphex intends to leverage its high-volume manufacturing capability and product technology, protected by 25 patents, to capitalize on the forecasted growth of EV and stored energy lithium ion batteries, in addition to developing future graphene applications.

A unified global government commitment to renewable energy, combined with dovish interest rates and a recovering economy will continue to power sales of electric vehicles. Graphex’s products will benefit from this powerful tailwind as demand for Lithium-Ion batteries continues to grow, said Daniel Nye, Chief Strategy Officer at Graphex. We’re at a huge inflection point for Electric Vehicles, driven by a unified global realization thayt we need to control climate change, continued Nye.

It goes beyond EVs and batteries though. There are a lot of cutting edge opportunities around new use cases that Graphex hopes to jump on.

Renewable energy technology, especially its storage, is still a relatively new market, explained Andross Chan, CEO, Graphex Group . Determining how to best use renewable energy while integrating it with urban and public space design, along with exploring methods to increase efficiency in both the use and storage of renewable energy, is the development objective of our company.

The Company’s current annual production capacity for spherical graphite is 10,000 tons. It is the Company’s plan to invest in and develop a new production facility for spherical graphite through HLJ Province Graphex with a planned annual additional production capacity of up to 30,000 tonnes that will come into operation in phases over the next 3 years.

In addition to lithium ion batteries, the Company is leveraging its graphene technology and research towards emerging applications.The Company engages in independent research and is also working with various institutions and customers to apply graphene to new product applications including structural composite panels, commercial lubricants, biomedical tissue scaffold, flexible mobile displays, membranes and ultra thin solar panels.

Graphex aims to support global environmental improvement, starting with China’s national objective for carbon emission reduction and development of green energy. To that end, Graphex is focusing on the development of innovative solutions for the enhancement of renewable energy. For example, the Company launched the ‘Recharging City’ and ‘Recharging Park’ projects, in which a renewable energy storage city and park are designed to transform the living environment through the circulation of renewable energy, potentially bringing enormous improvements to the sustainability of the world.

With the country’s commitment to international emission reductions, renewable energy constructions represent the future of China’s power market. This makes the construction of grid-side energy storage even more indispensable, thereby increasing demand for lithium batteries in the energy storage industry. Being a part of the energy storage industrial chain, we are confident in the prospect of our graphene business, said Mr. Chan.

Separately through its eco-design division, the Company is working with eight major [Chinese] cities to design such Recharge Parks. Recharge Parks combine landscaped green spaces, with mobile device and electric vehicle charging points. The parks would be partially powered by onsite renewable energy. The concept is to electrically recharge machines and devices, while mentally recharging the people who use them by providing an architecturally superior park space.

"The parks really allow us to leverage our ability in industrial design," continued Chan. More than that though, we feel the parks are a way to provide people with a chance to recharge themselves. The pace of life is hectic everywhere but especially in Chinese cities. These parks are allow us to provide space for recharging both mind and important devices that are central to modern life.

The future looks bright for Graphex in a world more and more towards sustainability and connectedness.

Posted: Jun 10,2021 by Ron Mertens