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Graphite Innovation and Technologies logo imageGraphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT) is a Canada-based materials engineering startup focused on delivering disruptive uses for graphene technologies.

GIT has developed a (now patented) technology that uses nanoparticles of graphene to create a high-performance, sustainable marine coating applied to the hulls of ships.

GIT has been developing its core products since 2017 and already has products that are commercially applied to boats, on a project by project basis. XGIT-Fuel reduces fuel consumption and mitigates the damaging buildup of barnacles and algae on ship hulls. XGIT-URN minimizes underwater radiated noise pollution, a threat to whales and other marine species.

Currently, most customers are local, such as marine services company Horizon Maritime. In 2020, GIT was awarded a CAD$2.4-million Transport Canada contract to pilot its prototype coating system on fishing boats, with a focus on reducing underwater noise and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company is also leading a CAD$4.6-million Ocean Supercluster project aimed at further developing its smart protective coatings, and recently launched a pilot program to engage 10 boat owners to experience the benefits of the technology firsthand.

GIT stated that it is getting a lot of traction for its products and has expanded its production line. It started producing small batches, five gallons a day, and moved on to having the capacity to produce 55 gallons within a year.

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