Graphmatech develops a material that aims to enable full-scale implementation of graphene

Graphmatech, a Sweden-based startup that develops graphene-based nanocomposite materials, has announced a recent breakthrough made at Uppsala University which reportedly "solves the practical implementation issues of graphene".

Graphmatech Aros image

The Company explains that up until now, a major challenge has been agglomeration under upscaling that has prevented utilization of graphene in real-life applications. "The novel hybrid ionic graphene material named Aros Graphene solves this and is expected to revolutionize the way we design electronics, energy storage and mechanical systems".

Aros Graphene is a hybrid ionic graphene material that is reportedly easy and eco-friendly to manufacture and can be applied as an additive into a matrix, a coating or even by 3D printing. Graphmatech states that it will enable the use of graphene and that the first commercial applications will be available in 2019.

According to the Company, the most remarkable discovery was not the production of a new material but the striking properties that it possessed. It turns out that Aros Graphene has the electrical and thermal properties of graphene not only in two dimensions but in 3D, and furthermore the surface has extremely low friction and high wear resistance.

This novel material is expected to pave the way for new sustainable products in a number of industrial applications, says Björn Lindh, co-founder of Graphmatech, which will commercialize Aros Graphene.

Graphmatech has been accepted both to the EU-sponsored incubator program InnoEnergy and ABB’s Innovation and Growth hub SynerLeap and got initial funding from Vinnova. The next step is to prove Aros Graphene in different customer applications.

Posted: Feb 05,2018 by Roni Peleg