Group NanoXplore invests in two graphene application developers

Group NanoXplore has announced that it has participated in the financing of two innovative graphene applications companies: NanoPhyll, a company dedicated to improving efficiencies in the photocatalytic and photovoltaic markets through the application of customized graphene; Two Carbon, a materials technology company designing next-generation, high performance outdoor products using graphene as a fundamental building block.

Both companies originally approached NanoXplore for support in developing their technology solutions. NanoXplore states that its graphene turned out to be suitable for these applications and the resulting performance was even better than initially projected.

NanoXplore says that both companies are well positioned to quickly move to commercialization. The companies have the tools, in their respective markets, to rapidly create value for themselves and their customers by unleashing the benefits of graphene. After working successfully with these companies for several months, NanoXplore took this opportunity to play downstream in the graphene supply chain.

Posted: Sep 29,2015 by Roni Peleg